Waves of Mutilation

A city of Horror


Shit, Fuck, Cock, Ball, Dick, Crap, Sigh…? Fill in whatever you would as we stood awkwardly in a movie theater espresso lobby, wondering when the zombies would file up the stairs and eat our brains or something. We later found out, ironically, that the theater was playing a new zombie movie.

Well, some people chose to hang around an not do much, I think they were comfortable just trying to hold out and survive. Some of us, including myself, were far to antsy to stand around and decided that exploring, killing some zombies, and looking for supplies/info would at least prevent the onslaught of insanity.

There were three exits, the Elevator and two doors heading down, one of which was mediocrely barricaded. Mr. McKool, myself, Charmaine and Doug decided to traverse the open stairwell to look for survivors and whatever we might be able to find. Down one flight and we find a hallway, checking left and right we find several bathrooms, do zombies go to the bathroom? Leaving Charmaine and Doug to guard the stairs McKool and I heroically kicked our way into one bathroom after another, slaying several zombies with his bow and my… slingshot? Sigh.

As we were clearing the second to last bathroom, having found mostly junk, we hear a scream from Charmaine. Running back we find her struggling with a wave of zombies, you’d think with the huge pistol she was holding it might have gone better. We do manage to arrive in time to fend them off, but Charmaine was badly injured and we were forced to help her back up to everyone else to tend her wounds. I guess this exploration was far more dangerous than advantageous. We did managed to take some keys from a janitor zombie which we hoped would be useful.

As we return to the others we hear complaints and whines from everyone around. Apparently the elevator keeps moving and being called. They’ve been freaking out, guns drawn and ducked behind cover ready to attack whoever rode the elevator up. At one point a couple of zombies did manage to get to this floor, and were killed. So I decided to try my luck disarming the elevator, or something.

I called the elevator, jammed it open with the zombie corpses, gross. And pried off the panel around the buttons. After some time examining everything, and going over ideas with Seto, I decided that I might have a way to gain control of when the elevator door opens and closes, possibly making a ride on the elevator much safer if it doesn’t open on every floor full of zombie doom. After some work I manage to re-wire it in some way, and after some tests it appears to work as intended.

As a stupid additional test McKool and I rode the elevator down to a floor that Charmaine says is storing her huge ass gun, we ride down, see lots of zombies, realize she didn’t actually SAY where it was, and rode it back up, but at least the door didn’t open and we all die.


braind3d Capaal

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