Waves of Mutilation

A decision is made.

Why not just go to them?

McKool and I rode the elevator up to the top floor again. Looking around I see a group of friends, and three others. Those three worry me, they are untested, they are afraid, and I don’t know what their going to do. I continue looking around at the room we’re standing in. I see how undefendable it is, I see how few supplies we have, and I see that we’re not learning anything new about whatever caused this atrocity.

I think right about here I started to panic just a little bit. I mean, what the hell should we do? Where should we go. I’m carrying everything I really own anymore, and there is a Jetski with some amount of gas outback. I have a slingshot and a metal baton, neither of which I’m very comfortable using, let alone killing (unkilling?) zombies with. Talking this over with our group (hiding my mild freaking out) we decide to go get a big gun. Knowing of Charmaine’s big gun down stairs we oraganize a warband.

I know I went, McKool was there, and so was Doug. I think Jack Swart was there as well, but so much has happened since then… We rode the elevator to the bottom, it was dark, but we could see a couple zombies outside the elevator. It appeared to be some sort of loading zone, storage area, employee only kind of place. I made sure to have the janitor keys we found, intending to make a run for the gun rather than fight wave after wave of zombies. Doug almost shot a hole through the elevator door before I had a chance to open it.

As the doors slide away we found to our dismay far many more zombies than anticipated, we opened fire. Soon we had a pile of zombies blocking the elevator door. They go down fast, but more just seem to come from somewhere to take their place. Eventually we felt like the numbers were beginning to thin and I charged out towards the door behind which is the gun. I dodged some zombies, pass by Marianne, which was quite a shock, open the door with the janitor key, and find two more zombies blocking the way to the gun. I sprint past them, attempting to roll past their reach but failing. I grabbed the gun and made a retreat, continuing to take some minor damage. Retreating with the bag of loot we escape back up the elevator and to safety. Examining the bag we find a shiny new gun, some ammo, a scope, as well as some other supplies.

Equipping McKool with this new gear I found myself handling his old bow and arrow, felt pretty comfortable. Next goal, get out of this deathtrap. Examining the maps we found that there should be a large market dock just a bit south along the water from us. Knowing we have a Jetski and room for two Jack Sword and myself hurried off in search of a boat large enough to carry us. It was dark (night) which was probably best to avoid notice and those damn planes. Examining the boats we found one that seemed adequate and boarded. I immediately started examining the drivers seat, searching for a key. Finding none I began taking off panels trying to figure how to start the boat up. Around then zombies started to notice us, but we only had to fire a couple shots before I have the boat up and running, and we return back to the theater with only minor damage.

Calling everyone to come down we waited just a bit off shore, once near we approached they boarded despite onslaughts of zombies and drove off. I’m not sure if we made the right choice that day, but I’m glad we made a choice.

Oh, and a zombie came out from below deck and attacked me, I hope I’m not going to turn into a zombie now.



A decision is made.
braind3d Capaal

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