Waves of Mutilation

And then we hurriedly made another plan

So many bad ideas.

Search boat, find little. Jason feels like shit.

Get attacked by planes with Juice Bombs, Jason feels even shittier.

Leave this side of water area, get attacked by some more assholes.

Go north up river, get attacked by more assholes again. Jerks.

Turn around and go south, wanting to reach airport at southeast side of town.

Get attacked more by plans. God damn they are annoying, continued to do our best to dodge.

Almost to airport get sidetracked by new new plan to go to hospital and radio station.

Get sidetracked again again and go in natural tunnel and end up in a mechanic’s wet dream

Search enormous room and find metal plating, supplies, and gas, we steal some.


braind3d Capaal

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