Waves of Mutilation

Nothing makes any sense!!!

We awoke to a new day. I felt pretty refreshed and recovered. Despite being nearly mauled to death by several goey jetskie moving zombie like things, one who literally was the raised corpse of our friend Jesse, I felt not too bad. Thats when I looked across the river at the town.

It was a horrifying sight, some of the buildings had taken massive damage, holes in sides of buildings, blue goo covering most of everything, and nothing in sight to comfort us that the zombies hadn’t gotten to the town. I think we all began to lose hope that reaching the town would lead to saftey and comfort. Matt Jacobs seemed to take it the worst, and his wounds weren’t improving either.

We chose to cross the river none-the-less, and did so without much trouble, the planes didn’t attack us again. On arriving we tried to remain as quiet as possible, but still attracted only a few zombies, which we silently killed, or un killed, or something. We then split up, half taking the elevator up one floor, I went with the other group up a flight up stairs. Through the first door we crossed was what appeared to be the lobby of a movie theater. Several zombies stood around stupidly wearing a variety of different clothes. Coordinating through walky-talkies we attempted to suprise them.

We were able to kill the zombies off in the lobby, though not as quietly as we’d hoped, during the battle the elevator had been slowly decending. Eventually it reached our floor, and out stepped Charmaine Rosales! Most of us had been employees together back in a Theater in Seattle, but meeting up like this was just eerie.

After getting past the shock we found zombies incoming from several directions, choosing not to fight we all boarded the large elevator int he center of the room and rode it to the top. Here we found other survivors of the zombie attacks, two male actors of the movie being opened by the theater and a female patron. We found ourselves in a sort of espresso stand at the top, one door was barricaded closed and the other left opened. Things really were pretty dire, and we didn’t really know where to go from here.

Should we just hide here, and make sure we survive as long as we can? But how would we feed so many, and how long must we last? Maybe there was help coming, maybe the entire world was in a similar state. We attempted to use our walkies again, but to no avail, all we got was strange sounds and static.

Or maybe we could try to go somewhere else. Look for information, see if we couldn’t find out what was happening. Or perhaps leave the city to find the outside world safe and secure. Doubt struck us all, I for one did not want to stay in one place and do nothing.


braind3d Capaal

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