Waves of Mutilation

We hurriedly made a plan.

Where do you go when no where seems safe?

So there we are, in a decent sized boat. Which also happens to be completely overfilled. We’re slowly moving north, with no idea where to go, or why we should go anywhere. We started going over the shitty road atlas we’ve managed to hold on to. Do you have any idea how small a town Gunnison is? It took us forever just to find it on the damn atlas, and when we did it didn’t really help. We did manage to learn about some sort of Military Beach Facility on the north side of town. So thats where we started to head towards.

I think it made sense, it was less likely to be overtaken by zombies, and there might be survivors still alive there. They also might not be crazy gang types just shooting anyone and everyone (which we heard of from Marianne). They also might be willing to trade. If we find no one there, then it might have some valuable gear and supplies. I have no idea what sort of supplies we need… but I’m just kind of hoping we’ll know when we find it…

As we began to pass under a bridge blocking our way to a facility someone began to open fire on us. It came from the northside of the bridge, and from all appearance seemed alive and assholey. As they continued to fire some zombies moved towards them and started to attack them, however they just kept firing on us. I did not understand why we were such a focus rather than their own survival. Despite the barrage of bullets we tossed a wine bottle with my phone number in it… never heard from them though, I assume they died. We did then open fire and kill at least one of them…

Moving south towards the military facility we passed a shipwrecked boat, which I was interested in investigating. However we pressed on towards the facility. As we slowly approached we were met by three figures. One stepped forward as a leader and addressed us. He wasn’t exactly friendly, but didn’t fire on us either. Jason stepped forward and indicated only a desire to talk and trade. They were hesitant to allow us access but enventualy we managed to talk them into being friendly.

We were allowed semi-freedom to roam the facility. They indicated a desire for more hands, and while our group of friends did not desire to remain we did trade them Corey Whitestone, Judith Peterson, and Paul Williams to act as extra hands. They seemed a little bit grateful, though I’m not sure it was exactly what they wanted (we were ourselves glad to get these wildcards off our hands.) We did some trading for explosives, ammo, and some guns. Also we searched for information about what happened, but learned nothing new.

Not much later someone noticed a couple figures just outside the facility. We realized it was Justin Prichett and Cedar, whom our group knew from our theater days in Seattle. Once passed our shock of meeting YET ANOTHER person from our past on these fateful days we moved to let them in. They seemed to be running from a mob of zombies but appeared relatively unhurt. Almost immediately after gaining entrance Justin started beating the crap out of Military Jack while cedar started shooting at everything and anything, including our boat. Everyone except Jack McKool took this as a time to bail and jumped on to our boat. As we were leaving Jack barely managed to dive on board, leaving Justin to take over the facility, which it appeared he did.

I have no idea why he did this, though my assumption is that he saw a rich trove of gear and decided to take it rather than trade for it. I guess he is just like the gangs in the street we were trying to avoid, and we let him right in. Doubting that he would shoot at us from such a long distance we pulled up to the ship-wrecked cargo ship and prepared to investigate, I (Jason) really wish I hadn’t, the cost I paid did not cover the minor gains.

I felt sorry for the Military guys there, I hope Justin doesn’t treat them too poorly, but we really couldn’t bring them along and had no intention of staying there and holding out as long as we could. We might return at some point and see if some trade is possible, though I don’t trust Justin at this point. No one died, at least.


braind3d Capaal

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