Waves of Mutilation

Why does everything seem against us?

Rivers suck.

We began to pack up our camping supplies. I think this is when it all hit us that Jesse was dead. I mean, I just regained consciousness so that might be just my opinion, but it seemed to hit everyone pretty hard. We had to start divvying out his gear, it felt pretty mean. I don’t know, maybe I never dealt with death well, expecially not death than then became undeath and nearly kills me before we make the undeath more like death again.

Eventually we finished packing and started heading eastish, we knew from our maps/atlases/gpss and past knowledge that there was a farily small hick town called Gunnison or something like that to the east. We also knew of an even smaller community a little ENE, however we decided against exploring there. Moving east we continued to notice planes flying overhead, or perhaps they were further east. We continued on, eventually reaching a river. As we stopped to discuss crossing we began to hear noises from the woods. Then our charged a pack of boars heading parallel to our position. Jack immediately tazered the first one on sight. Thats when we noticed some looked normal, and some looked ripped to shred. We soon found ourselves battling all of them, little head over zombie or just scared. However they were only boars and killed them with only some difficulty.

One regular boar was left alive, and Shannon, somehow, managed to calm it down. Then it started just following her around. Kind of creepy if you ask me. Anyway, we decided that the Jetski we left in the area, or I should say Shannon left in the area, would be the easiest and safest way to cross. So we moved to its position and began ferrying people very slowly across. It went alright, though we were worried about those planes flying overhead, it just didn’t make any sense. After a couple of us got across, some human zombie like things attacked us on the far side! I call them zombies because I really don’t know what else to label them as. They are rotted dead flesh of real people or things, they seem to act very sluggish and stupid, and they keep attacking us!!! We fought them off without too much difficulty, but Brandon got bit, which is worrisome.

More people continued to ferry across, and eventually Shannon who, upon arrival, was crying over her boar, which apparently didn’t make it… What a stupid thing to try.

Most of us chose to continue walking along the land eastward, attempting to reach the town, but Matt J. and Jack Swart volunteered to drive the Jetski north along the river which them curves back around and borders the city, it should be helpful for carting us across again. Saying goodbye to them and hoping we all make it make on the otherside we marched off.

Things went smoothly for us for a while, however we eventually started to hear a frightening roar. Praying we wouldn’t be meeting some new Zombie type we continued on. Eventually we found it to be a pained bear, who looked hungry and hurt. We did our best to avoid it, however it continued to move in our direction. Then, for some reason, Shannon chose to approach the bear, she offered it some food and petted it. All seemed well until we made a little too much noise and it swiped and Shannon, nearly knocking her unconscious. Fearing she would soon be killed we began to toss some flares at the bear. It began to back slowly away, but didn’t seem ready to run. Then someone threw a smoke grenade between us and the bear. Grabbing Shannon we all ran east, and eventually managed to get beyond range of the bear, or perhaps it grew bored of us.

Finally we reached the cost, tired, and Shannon badly hurt, but at least we had found civilization. It was getting late now, so our view of the city was limited, but there were far fewer lights emmenating than I would have expected. We managed to meet up with Jack and Matt on the jetski, they didn’t look too good. Both and some cuts and scratches, and told stories of the plans dropping bombs that exploded some sort of burning blue goo. They immediately went to sleep, and the rest of us soon joined them.


braind3d Capaal

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