Jack Swart

A chill cat with a soft chuckle

Level & Class 4 (Fast 3/Dedicated 1) 1
Experience 7780
General Description
Occupation Creative
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 5’ 11"
Weight 145 lb
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Skin Caucasian
Abilities Modifier Temp Score
Strength [+1] 12
Dexterity [+1] -2 15
Constitution [+1] -1 13
Intelligence [+1] 13
Wisdom [+2] 15
Charisma [-1] 9
Health & Saves
Current/Max HP 30/ 30
Defense (DEF) 16 10
Fortitude (FORT) +3
Reflex (REF) +5 47
Will (WILL) +4
Combat Capabilities
Initiative (INIT) +1
Speed (SPD) 30 ft
Base Attack Bonus (BAB) +2
Melee Attack (MA) +3
Ranged Attack (RA) +3 8, +4 9
Melee Attacks
Weapon Damage Critical Type Feat Needed Total Bonus
Unarmed Blow 20 Bludgeoning +3
Metal Baton 1d6 19-20 Bludgeoning Simple 3 +3
Rifle Butt 1d6 20 Bludgeoning Simple 3 +3
Pistol Whip 1d4 20 Bludgeoning Simple 3 +3
Ranged Weapons
Weapon Damage Critical Type Range Increment Rate of Fire Magazine Feat Needed Ammo Total Bonus
Taser 1d4 +1 +Stun(Fort16) Electrical 5ft 1 1 internal Simple 3 x1 + 3
Remington 700 w/Illuminator 2d10 +1 20 Ballistic 80ft Single 7 box Personal 5 x20 + 3
Name Description
Lightning Reflexes Gain a +2 bonus on all Reflex saving throws
Personal Firearms Prof. Gain proficiency with Personal Firearms
Point Blank Shot Gain a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons against opponents within 30 feet
Precise Shot You can shoot or throw ranged weapons at an opponent engaged in melee without penalty
Simple Weapons Prof. Gain proficiency with Simple Weapons
Evasion When wearing Light or no armor, deal no damage (instead of half) on any successful Reflex save
+Skill Emphasis (Drive) Receive a +3 bonus on all checks with that skill
Uncanny Dodge 1 Retain Dexterity Bonus to Defense even when flat-footed or attacked by a hidden opponent
Reputation 2
Action Points 9
Wealth 8
Allegiances Brandon Pietenpol, Jack McKool, Doug Barber
Current Weight
Carrying Capacity 43/ 86/ 130
Weapons Damage Critical Damage Type Range Increment Rate of Fire Magazine Ammo Type Size Weight
Metal Baton This weapon can be collapsed to reduce its size and increase its concealability. A collapsed baton is Small and can’t be used as a weapon. Extending or collapsing the baton is a free action.
1d6 19-20 Bludgeoning Med 2 lb. x1
Rifle Butt The butt of a rifle can be used as an impromptu club.
1d6 20 Bludgeoning Large * x1
Remington 700 A bolt-action rifle with a reputation for accuracy, the Remington 700 has been popular with hunters and target shooters since its introduction in the 1940s.
2d10 20 Ballistic 80 ft. Single 5 int. 7.62mm Large 8 lb. x1
Taser A taser uses springs or compressed air to fire a pair of darts at a target. On impact, the darts release a powerful electrical current. On a successful hit, the darts deal 1d4 points of electricity damage and the target must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 15) or be paralyzed for 1d6 rounds. Reloading a taser is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity.
1d4* Electricity 5 ft. 1 1 int. Small 2 lb. x1
Unarmed Blow x
7.62mm rounds x50
Clothing & Armor Type Equipment Bonus Non-proficient Bonus Max Dex Bonus Armor Penalty Speed Weight
Clothing [Casual] An outfit of clothing represents everything a character needs to dress a part: pants or skirt, shirt, undergarments, appropriate shoes or boots, socks or stockings, and any necessary belt or suspenders. The clothes a character wears does not count against the weight limit for encumbrance.
Casual clothes range from cut-off jeans and a T-shirt to neatly pressed khakis and a hand-knit sweater.
Med 2 lb. x1
Light Undercover Shirt Designed for deep undercover work in which it’s critical that the wearer not appear to be armed or armored, this garment consists of a T-shirt with a band of light protective material sewn in around the lower torso.
Concealable +2 +1 +7 -0 30 2 lb. x1
Tools Size Weight Quantity
Binoculars (Standard) Binoculars are useful for watching opponents, wild game, and sporting events from a long distance.
Standard binoculars reduce the range penalty for Spot checks to -1 for every 50 feet (instead of -1 for every 10 feet). Using binoculars for Spot checks takes five times as long as making the check unaided.
Small 2 lb. x1
Climbing Gear All of the tools and equipment that climbing enthusiasts use to make climbing easier and, in some cases, possible, including ropes, pulleys, helmet and pads, gloves, spikes, chocks, ascenders, pitons, a handax, and a harness. It takes 10 minutes to remove the gear from its pack and outfit it for use. Use this gear with the Climb skill.
Large 10 lb. x1
Flashlight [Flood] Flashlights come in a wide variety of sizes and quality levels. Those covered here are professional, heavy-duty models, rugged enough to withstand the rigors of modern adventuring. Flashlights negate penalties for darkness within their illuminated areas.
Practically a handheld spotlight, this item projects a bright beam 100 feet long and 50 feet across at its end.
Small 2 lb. x1
Illuminator attachment An illuminator is a small flashlight that mounts to a firearm, freeing up one of the user’s hands. It functions as a standard flashlight.
This heavy metal flashlight projects a beam 30 feet long and 15 feet across at its end.
Tiny 0.5 lb. x1
Lighter x1
Multi-purpose Tool This device contains several different screwdrivers, a knife blade or two, can opener, bottle opener, file, short ruler, scissors, tweezers, and wire cutters. The whole thing unfolds into a handy pair of pliers.
A multipurpose tool can lessen the penalty for making Repair, Craft (mechanical), Craft (electronic), or Craft (structural) checks without appropriate tools to -2 instead of the normal -4. The tool is useful for certain tasks, as determined by the GM, but may not be useful in all situations.
Tiny 0.5 lb. x1
Sleeping Bag This lightweight sleeping bag rolls up compactly. It can keep a character warm even in severe weather and can also double as a stretcher in an emergency.
Med 4 lb. x1
Walkie-Talkie [Basic] This hand-held radio transceiver communicates with any similar device operating on the same frequency and within range.
This dime-store variety has only a few channels. Anyone else using a similar walkie-talkie within range can listen in on the character’s conversations. It has a range of 2 miles.
Tiny 1 lb. x2
Containers Size Weight Quantity
Backpack This is a good-sized backpack, made of tough water-resistant material. It has one or two central sections, as well as several exterior pockets and straps for attaching tents, bedrolls, or other gear. It can carry up to 60 pounds of gear. A backpack gives a character a +1 equipment bonus to Strength for the purpose of determining carrying capacity.
Med 3 lb. x1
Cellphone A digital communications device that comes in a hand-held model or as a headset, a cell phone uses a battery that lasts for 24 hours before it must be recharged. It works in any area covered by cellular service.
Dim x1
GPS Receiver Global positioning system receivers use signals from GPS satellites to determine the receiver’s location to within a few dozen feet. A GPS receiver grants its user a +4 equipment bonus on Navigate checks, but because the receiver must be able to pick up satellite signals, it only works outdoors.
Tiny 1 lb. x1
Road Atlas While a compass or GPS receiver can help characters find their way through the wilderness, a map can tell a character where he or she is going and what to expect when he or she gets there.
Road atlases are available for the entire United States, showing all major roads in each state. They can also be purchased for most major metropolitan areas, detailing every street in the entire region.
Tiny 1 lb. x1
Weapon License(+1) x1
Perishables Size Weight Quantity
Trail Rations Trail rations come in a number of commercial options. They all provide the necessary energy and nutrition for survival. The purchase DC given is for a case of 12 meals.
Tiny 1 lb. x10
Cigarettes x15
Skills Trained Only Armor Penalty Action Base Total Ranks Ability Bonus
Balance* x Move DEX (+1) [+1]
Bluff Special CHA (-1) [-1]
Climb x Full/Move STR (+1) [+1]
Computer Use* Full/Special INT (+2) 1 [+1] 2
Concentration Special CON (+1) [+1]
Craft (Chemical) x Special INT [+1]
(Electronic) x Special INT [+1]
(Mechanical)* x Special INT (+2) 1 [+1]
(Pharmaceutical)* x Special INT [+1]
(Structural) Special INT (+1) [+1]
(Visual Art)* Special INT (+1) [+1]
(Writing)* Special INT (+1) [+1]
Decipher Script x Special INT [+1]
Demolitions x Full/Special INT [+1]
Diplomacy Full CHA (+0) 2/2 [-1]
Disable Device x Full/Special INT (+2) 2/2 [+1]
Disguise Special CHA (-1) [-1]
Drive* Move DEX (+8) 4 [+1] +3 6
Escape Artist* x Full/Special DEX (+6) 5 [+1]
Forgery Special INT (+1) [+1]
Gamble* Special WIS (+3) [+3]
Gather Information Special CHA (-1) [-1]
Handle Animal x Special CHA [-1]
Hide* x Attack DEX (+1) [+1]
Intimidate Full CHA (-1) [-1]
Investigate* x Full/Special INT (+2) 1 [+1]
Jump x Attack STR (+1) [+1]
Knowledge (Arcane Lore)* x React/Full INT [+1]
(Art) x React/Full INT [+1]
(Behavioral Science)* x React/Full INT (+4) 3 [+1]
(Business)* x React/Full INT [+1]
(Civics)* x React/Full INT [+1]
(Current Events)* x React/Full INT [+1]
(Earth & Life Science)* x React/Full INT [+1]
(History)* x React/Full INT [+1]
(Physical Science)* x React/Full INT [+1]
(Pop Culture)* x React/Full INT [+1]
(Streetwise)* x React/Full INT [+1]
(Tactics)* x React/Full INT [+1]
(Technology)* x React/Full INT [+1]
(Theology & Philosophy)* x React/Full INT [+1]
Listen* React/Move WIS (+3) [+3]
Move Silently* x Move DEX (+4) 3 [+1]
Navigate Full/Special INT (+1) [+1]
Perform (Stringed)* Special CHA (-1) [-1] 2
Pilot* x Move DEX [+1]
Profession* Special WIS (+5) 2 [+3]
Read/Write Language* (Spanish) x INT
(Tagalog) x INT
Repair x Full/Special INT [+1]
Research Special INT (+1) [+1]
Ride* Move/Special DEX (+1) [+1]
Search Full INT (-1) [-1]
Sense Motive* Special WIS (+8) 5 [+3]
Sleight of Hand* x Attack DEX (+2) 1 [+1]
Speak Language (Spanish)* x
(Tagalog) x
Spot* React/Full WIS (+11) 7 [+3] +1 2
Survival* Special WIS (+4) 1 [+3]
Swim Move/Full STR (+1) [+1]
Treat Injury* Special WIS (+4) 1 [+3]
Tumble* x x React/Move DEX (+4) 3 [+1]

1 Fast 3, Dedicated 1 Progression:

  • Level 1 (Dedicated 1)
    • Occupation: Creative [Computer Use, Perform (Stringed), & Spot] 2
    • HP: +8 [6 + 2(CON)]
    • Action Points: +5
    • Base Attack Bonus: +0
    • Save Bonuses:
      • Fortitude: +1
      • Reflex: +0
      • Will: +1
    • Defense: +1
    • Reputation: +1
    • Skill Points: +24 [5 + 1 (INT) x 4]
    • Class Skills:
      • Craft (Pharmaceutical, Visual Art, Writing)
      • Gamble
      • Investigate
      • Knowledge (Arcane Lore, Art, Behavioral Sciences, Business, Civics, Current Events, Earth & Life Sciences, History, Physical Sciences, Popular Culture, Streetwise, Tactics, Technology, Theology & Philosophy)
      • Listen
      • Profession
      • Read/Write Language
      • Sense Motive
      • Speak Language
      • Spot
      • Survival
      • Treat Injury
    • Occupation Bonus Class Skills:
      • Computer Use
      • Perform (Stringed)
    • Class Feat:
      • Simple Weapons Prof. 3
    • Level 1 Feats:
      • Lightning Reflexes 4
      • Personal Firearms Prof. 5
    • Talent:
      • Skill Emphasis (Drive) 6
  • Level 2 (Fast 1)
    • HP: +10 [1d8 + 2 (CON)]
    • Action Points: +6
    • Base Attack Bonus: +0
    • Save Bonuses:
      • Fortitude: +0
      • Reflex: +1
      • Will: +0
    • Defense: +3
    • Reputation: +0
    • Skill Points: +6 [5 + 1 (INT)]
    • New Class Skills:
      • Balance
      • Craft (Mechanical)
      • Drive
      • Escape Artist
      • Hide
      • Move Silently
      • Pilot
      • Ride
      • Sleight of Hand
      • Tumble
    • Talent:
      • Evasion 7
  • Level 3 (Fast 2)
    • HP: +6 [1d8 + 2 (CON)]
    • Action Points: +6
    • Base Attack Bonus: +1
    • Save Bonuses:
      • Fortitude: +0
      • Reflex: +1
      • Will: +0
    • Defense: +1
    • Reputation: +0
    • Skill Points: +6 [5 + 1 (INT)]
    • Level 3 Feat:
      • Precise Shot 8
    • Bonus Feat:
      • Point Blank Shot 9
  • Level 4 (Fast 3)
    • Ability Increase: INT +1 (13)
    • HP: +6 [1d8 + 1 (CON)]
    • Action Points: +7
    • Base Attack Bonus: +1
    • Save Bonuses:
      • Fortitude: +1
      • Reflex: +0
      • Will: +1
    • Defense: +0
    • Reputation: +1
    • Skill Points: +6 [5 + 1 (INT)]
    • Talent:
      • Uncanny Dodge 1 10

2 Creative: Grants two Class Skills [Computer Use, Perform (Stringed)] & a +1 to an existing Class Skill [Spot]. Increase Wealth bonus by +2.

3 Simple Weapons Prof.: You make attack rolls with simple weapons normally.

4 Lightning Reflexes: You get a +2 bonus on all Reflex saving throws.

5 Personal Firearms Prof.: You can fire any personal firearm without penalty.

6 Skill Emphasis (Drive): You receive a +3 bonus on all checks with this skill.

7 Evasion: If exposed to any effect that normally allows you to attempt a Reflex saving throw for half damage, you suffer no damage if you make a successful saving throw. Evasion can only be used when wearing light armor or no armor.

8 Precise Shot: You can shoot or throw ranged weapons at an opponent engaged in melee without penalty.

9 Point Blank Shot: You get a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons against opponents within 30 feet.

10 Uncanny Dodge 1: You retain your Dexterity bonus to Defense regardless of being caught flat-footed or struck by a hidden attacker.


Jack Swart

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