Dead Man's Yacht

Dead man's yacht


A fairly large vessel hot-wired from the Market Docks.
Top of the line automated equipment!
Seats 9 comfortably.

Owned by Victor Sandiago
Currently holding 13 live passengers & 1 (un)dead Brandon
Attached Sea-Doo +60 Load*

Fairline 28 California Special
This cabin cruiser is a motor yacht with two internal diesel engines and a small outboard motor. It comes equipped with three berths and a nicely equipped galley. It provides one-half cover to occupants in the cockpit or stern, full cover to occupants below deck, and no cover to those forward of the cockpit. The California Special is two squares wide and five squares long.
Additional body armor has been installed on this model, providing:
10 Hardness*, +150 Load*, -4 Maneuver*, & -5 Gas*
Gigantic Cargo/Max: 210*/1,800 lb. Crew/Pass: 1/3 Fuel/Capacity: 43/43
Init/Maneuver: -3/-7* Top Speed/Gas: 90(1)/4* (5) Defense/Hardness: 18/10* HP/Max: 62/62

Dead Man's Yacht

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