Waves of Mutilation

And then we hurriedly made another plan
So many bad ideas.

Search boat, find little. Jason feels like shit.

Get attacked by planes with Juice Bombs, Jason feels even shittier.

Leave this side of water area, get attacked by some more assholes.

Go north up river, get attacked by more assholes again. Jerks.

Turn around and go south, wanting to reach airport at southeast side of town.

Get attacked more by plans. God damn they are annoying, continued to do our best to dodge.

Almost to airport get sidetracked by new new plan to go to hospital and radio station.

Get sidetracked again again and go in natural tunnel and end up in a mechanic’s wet dream

Search enormous room and find metal plating, supplies, and gas, we steal some.

We hurriedly made a plan.
Where do you go when no where seems safe?

So there we are, in a decent sized boat. Which also happens to be completely overfilled. We’re slowly moving north, with no idea where to go, or why we should go anywhere. We started going over the shitty road atlas we’ve managed to hold on to. Do you have any idea how small a town Gunnison is? It took us forever just to find it on the damn atlas, and when we did it didn’t really help. We did manage to learn about some sort of Military Beach Facility on the north side of town. So thats where we started to head towards.

I think it made sense, it was less likely to be overtaken by zombies, and there might be survivors still alive there. They also might not be crazy gang types just shooting anyone and everyone (which we heard of from Marianne). They also might be willing to trade. If we find no one there, then it might have some valuable gear and supplies. I have no idea what sort of supplies we need… but I’m just kind of hoping we’ll know when we find it…

As we began to pass under a bridge blocking our way to a facility someone began to open fire on us. It came from the northside of the bridge, and from all appearance seemed alive and assholey. As they continued to fire some zombies moved towards them and started to attack them, however they just kept firing on us. I did not understand why we were such a focus rather than their own survival. Despite the barrage of bullets we tossed a wine bottle with my phone number in it… never heard from them though, I assume they died. We did then open fire and kill at least one of them…

Moving south towards the military facility we passed a shipwrecked boat, which I was interested in investigating. However we pressed on towards the facility. As we slowly approached we were met by three figures. One stepped forward as a leader and addressed us. He wasn’t exactly friendly, but didn’t fire on us either. Jason stepped forward and indicated only a desire to talk and trade. They were hesitant to allow us access but enventualy we managed to talk them into being friendly.

We were allowed semi-freedom to roam the facility. They indicated a desire for more hands, and while our group of friends did not desire to remain we did trade them Corey Whitestone, Judith Peterson, and Paul Williams to act as extra hands. They seemed a little bit grateful, though I’m not sure it was exactly what they wanted (we were ourselves glad to get these wildcards off our hands.) We did some trading for explosives, ammo, and some guns. Also we searched for information about what happened, but learned nothing new.

Not much later someone noticed a couple figures just outside the facility. We realized it was Justin Prichett and Cedar, whom our group knew from our theater days in Seattle. Once passed our shock of meeting YET ANOTHER person from our past on these fateful days we moved to let them in. They seemed to be running from a mob of zombies but appeared relatively unhurt. Almost immediately after gaining entrance Justin started beating the crap out of Military Jack while cedar started shooting at everything and anything, including our boat. Everyone except Jack McKool took this as a time to bail and jumped on to our boat. As we were leaving Jack barely managed to dive on board, leaving Justin to take over the facility, which it appeared he did.

I have no idea why he did this, though my assumption is that he saw a rich trove of gear and decided to take it rather than trade for it. I guess he is just like the gangs in the street we were trying to avoid, and we let him right in. Doubting that he would shoot at us from such a long distance we pulled up to the ship-wrecked cargo ship and prepared to investigate, I (Jason) really wish I hadn’t, the cost I paid did not cover the minor gains.

I felt sorry for the Military guys there, I hope Justin doesn’t treat them too poorly, but we really couldn’t bring them along and had no intention of staying there and holding out as long as we could. We might return at some point and see if some trade is possible, though I don’t trust Justin at this point. No one died, at least.

A decision is made.
Why not just go to them?

McKool and I rode the elevator up to the top floor again. Looking around I see a group of friends, and three others. Those three worry me, they are untested, they are afraid, and I don’t know what their going to do. I continue looking around at the room we’re standing in. I see how undefendable it is, I see how few supplies we have, and I see that we’re not learning anything new about whatever caused this atrocity.

I think right about here I started to panic just a little bit. I mean, what the hell should we do? Where should we go. I’m carrying everything I really own anymore, and there is a Jetski with some amount of gas outback. I have a slingshot and a metal baton, neither of which I’m very comfortable using, let alone killing (unkilling?) zombies with. Talking this over with our group (hiding my mild freaking out) we decide to go get a big gun. Knowing of Charmaine’s big gun down stairs we oraganize a warband.

I know I went, McKool was there, and so was Doug. I think Jack Swart was there as well, but so much has happened since then… We rode the elevator to the bottom, it was dark, but we could see a couple zombies outside the elevator. It appeared to be some sort of loading zone, storage area, employee only kind of place. I made sure to have the janitor keys we found, intending to make a run for the gun rather than fight wave after wave of zombies. Doug almost shot a hole through the elevator door before I had a chance to open it.

As the doors slide away we found to our dismay far many more zombies than anticipated, we opened fire. Soon we had a pile of zombies blocking the elevator door. They go down fast, but more just seem to come from somewhere to take their place. Eventually we felt like the numbers were beginning to thin and I charged out towards the door behind which is the gun. I dodged some zombies, pass by Marianne, which was quite a shock, open the door with the janitor key, and find two more zombies blocking the way to the gun. I sprint past them, attempting to roll past their reach but failing. I grabbed the gun and made a retreat, continuing to take some minor damage. Retreating with the bag of loot we escape back up the elevator and to safety. Examining the bag we find a shiny new gun, some ammo, a scope, as well as some other supplies.

Equipping McKool with this new gear I found myself handling his old bow and arrow, felt pretty comfortable. Next goal, get out of this deathtrap. Examining the maps we found that there should be a large market dock just a bit south along the water from us. Knowing we have a Jetski and room for two Jack Sword and myself hurried off in search of a boat large enough to carry us. It was dark (night) which was probably best to avoid notice and those damn planes. Examining the boats we found one that seemed adequate and boarded. I immediately started examining the drivers seat, searching for a key. Finding none I began taking off panels trying to figure how to start the boat up. Around then zombies started to notice us, but we only had to fire a couple shots before I have the boat up and running, and we return back to the theater with only minor damage.

Calling everyone to come down we waited just a bit off shore, once near we approached they boarded despite onslaughts of zombies and drove off. I’m not sure if we made the right choice that day, but I’m glad we made a choice.

Oh, and a zombie came out from below deck and attacked me, I hope I’m not going to turn into a zombie now.

A city of Horror

Shit, Fuck, Cock, Ball, Dick, Crap, Sigh…? Fill in whatever you would as we stood awkwardly in a movie theater espresso lobby, wondering when the zombies would file up the stairs and eat our brains or something. We later found out, ironically, that the theater was playing a new zombie movie.

Well, some people chose to hang around an not do much, I think they were comfortable just trying to hold out and survive. Some of us, including myself, were far to antsy to stand around and decided that exploring, killing some zombies, and looking for supplies/info would at least prevent the onslaught of insanity.

There were three exits, the Elevator and two doors heading down, one of which was mediocrely barricaded. Mr. McKool, myself, Charmaine and Doug decided to traverse the open stairwell to look for survivors and whatever we might be able to find. Down one flight and we find a hallway, checking left and right we find several bathrooms, do zombies go to the bathroom? Leaving Charmaine and Doug to guard the stairs McKool and I heroically kicked our way into one bathroom after another, slaying several zombies with his bow and my… slingshot? Sigh.

As we were clearing the second to last bathroom, having found mostly junk, we hear a scream from Charmaine. Running back we find her struggling with a wave of zombies, you’d think with the huge pistol she was holding it might have gone better. We do manage to arrive in time to fend them off, but Charmaine was badly injured and we were forced to help her back up to everyone else to tend her wounds. I guess this exploration was far more dangerous than advantageous. We did managed to take some keys from a janitor zombie which we hoped would be useful.

As we return to the others we hear complaints and whines from everyone around. Apparently the elevator keeps moving and being called. They’ve been freaking out, guns drawn and ducked behind cover ready to attack whoever rode the elevator up. At one point a couple of zombies did manage to get to this floor, and were killed. So I decided to try my luck disarming the elevator, or something.

I called the elevator, jammed it open with the zombie corpses, gross. And pried off the panel around the buttons. After some time examining everything, and going over ideas with Seto, I decided that I might have a way to gain control of when the elevator door opens and closes, possibly making a ride on the elevator much safer if it doesn’t open on every floor full of zombie doom. After some work I manage to re-wire it in some way, and after some tests it appears to work as intended.

As a stupid additional test McKool and I rode the elevator down to a floor that Charmaine says is storing her huge ass gun, we ride down, see lots of zombies, realize she didn’t actually SAY where it was, and rode it back up, but at least the door didn’t open and we all die.

Nothing makes any sense!!!

We awoke to a new day. I felt pretty refreshed and recovered. Despite being nearly mauled to death by several goey jetskie moving zombie like things, one who literally was the raised corpse of our friend Jesse, I felt not too bad. Thats when I looked across the river at the town.

It was a horrifying sight, some of the buildings had taken massive damage, holes in sides of buildings, blue goo covering most of everything, and nothing in sight to comfort us that the zombies hadn’t gotten to the town. I think we all began to lose hope that reaching the town would lead to saftey and comfort. Matt Jacobs seemed to take it the worst, and his wounds weren’t improving either.

We chose to cross the river none-the-less, and did so without much trouble, the planes didn’t attack us again. On arriving we tried to remain as quiet as possible, but still attracted only a few zombies, which we silently killed, or un killed, or something. We then split up, half taking the elevator up one floor, I went with the other group up a flight up stairs. Through the first door we crossed was what appeared to be the lobby of a movie theater. Several zombies stood around stupidly wearing a variety of different clothes. Coordinating through walky-talkies we attempted to suprise them.

We were able to kill the zombies off in the lobby, though not as quietly as we’d hoped, during the battle the elevator had been slowly decending. Eventually it reached our floor, and out stepped Charmaine Rosales! Most of us had been employees together back in a Theater in Seattle, but meeting up like this was just eerie.

After getting past the shock we found zombies incoming from several directions, choosing not to fight we all boarded the large elevator int he center of the room and rode it to the top. Here we found other survivors of the zombie attacks, two male actors of the movie being opened by the theater and a female patron. We found ourselves in a sort of espresso stand at the top, one door was barricaded closed and the other left opened. Things really were pretty dire, and we didn’t really know where to go from here.

Should we just hide here, and make sure we survive as long as we can? But how would we feed so many, and how long must we last? Maybe there was help coming, maybe the entire world was in a similar state. We attempted to use our walkies again, but to no avail, all we got was strange sounds and static.

Or maybe we could try to go somewhere else. Look for information, see if we couldn’t find out what was happening. Or perhaps leave the city to find the outside world safe and secure. Doubt struck us all, I for one did not want to stay in one place and do nothing.

Why does everything seem against us?
Rivers suck.

We began to pack up our camping supplies. I think this is when it all hit us that Jesse was dead. I mean, I just regained consciousness so that might be just my opinion, but it seemed to hit everyone pretty hard. We had to start divvying out his gear, it felt pretty mean. I don’t know, maybe I never dealt with death well, expecially not death than then became undeath and nearly kills me before we make the undeath more like death again.

Eventually we finished packing and started heading eastish, we knew from our maps/atlases/gpss and past knowledge that there was a farily small hick town called Gunnison or something like that to the east. We also knew of an even smaller community a little ENE, however we decided against exploring there. Moving east we continued to notice planes flying overhead, or perhaps they were further east. We continued on, eventually reaching a river. As we stopped to discuss crossing we began to hear noises from the woods. Then our charged a pack of boars heading parallel to our position. Jack immediately tazered the first one on sight. Thats when we noticed some looked normal, and some looked ripped to shred. We soon found ourselves battling all of them, little head over zombie or just scared. However they were only boars and killed them with only some difficulty.

One regular boar was left alive, and Shannon, somehow, managed to calm it down. Then it started just following her around. Kind of creepy if you ask me. Anyway, we decided that the Jetski we left in the area, or I should say Shannon left in the area, would be the easiest and safest way to cross. So we moved to its position and began ferrying people very slowly across. It went alright, though we were worried about those planes flying overhead, it just didn’t make any sense. After a couple of us got across, some human zombie like things attacked us on the far side! I call them zombies because I really don’t know what else to label them as. They are rotted dead flesh of real people or things, they seem to act very sluggish and stupid, and they keep attacking us!!! We fought them off without too much difficulty, but Brandon got bit, which is worrisome.

More people continued to ferry across, and eventually Shannon who, upon arrival, was crying over her boar, which apparently didn’t make it… What a stupid thing to try.

Most of us chose to continue walking along the land eastward, attempting to reach the town, but Matt J. and Jack Swart volunteered to drive the Jetski north along the river which them curves back around and borders the city, it should be helpful for carting us across again. Saying goodbye to them and hoping we all make it make on the otherside we marched off.

Things went smoothly for us for a while, however we eventually started to hear a frightening roar. Praying we wouldn’t be meeting some new Zombie type we continued on. Eventually we found it to be a pained bear, who looked hungry and hurt. We did our best to avoid it, however it continued to move in our direction. Then, for some reason, Shannon chose to approach the bear, she offered it some food and petted it. All seemed well until we made a little too much noise and it swiped and Shannon, nearly knocking her unconscious. Fearing she would soon be killed we began to toss some flares at the bear. It began to back slowly away, but didn’t seem ready to run. Then someone threw a smoke grenade between us and the bear. Grabbing Shannon we all ran east, and eventually managed to get beyond range of the bear, or perhaps it grew bored of us.

Finally we reached the cost, tired, and Shannon badly hurt, but at least we had found civilization. It was getting late now, so our view of the city was limited, but there were far fewer lights emmenating than I would have expected. We managed to meet up with Jack and Matt on the jetski, they didn’t look too good. Both and some cuts and scratches, and told stories of the plans dropping bombs that exploded some sort of burning blue goo. They immediately went to sleep, and the rest of us soon joined them.

It was just a farewell party...

My name is Jason Thomas Reed. At the moment I’m a survivor of what appears to be a zombie Apocalypse. I’m writing this in case humans manage to survive this catastrophe then at least there might be some record of what has occurred. But I will start from the beginning…

I was born on April 12, 1988… ok I won’t actually start that early.

A group of us had planned a camping trip as a farewell for one of our friends. He was to be an astronaut on the next shuttle, and this was our last chance to all get together. In total there was 9 of us; Brandon Pietenpol, Matt Jacobs (the astronaut), myself, Jack Swart, Doug Barker, Matt Seto, Shannon Ferns, Jack McKool and Jesse Sheperd.

We parachuted down into a state park near the small town of Gunnison, MI. Which is near the Mississippi, and pretty much as much out in the middle of know-where as possible. We landed, we partied, we cooked some bacon, and we got attacked by some bats which was pretty weird. However it wasn’t long before things started to go strange. What appeared to be fireworks were going off in the distance, all very blue in appearance. Also planes were continually flying around in strange patterns and at very low altitudes.

I won’t spend too long detailing all the events, as it all feels like a dream from long ago and quickly fading away. But a plane crashed near us, but across the river. Despite the discomfort we felt at all the strange things happening some of us chose to cross the river and investigate. Myself, Doug, and Jesse chose to cross and we quickly found the crashed plane. It was a very strange sight to behold, barrels were strewn all around, some empty, some filled with a strange substance. We didn’t spend much time investigating the liquid, but it was an unusual color, and was thick and viscous. We also heard strange noises, so we continued searching for survivors.

Soon we found a pool of the strange goo, which appeared to be the origin of the eerie sound. As we moved closer to the pool, a figure began to rise out of it. Hoping we had found a survivor we continue trying to gain its attention and perhaps help. I’m not sure what finally set us off, but we eventually decided this was not something we wanted to meet. We began the beginning of our flight.

Running back towards the river, hoping to get back to our friends we continued to hear the thing following us, shrieking the entire time. We had a rope crossing the river and we began to start our way across. However half-way Jesse was attacked by this monster and was immediately knocked unconscious and sunk to the bottom of the river. Our friends on the coast continued to fire their weapons on the beast, eventually felling it before it could kill Doug or I.

Feeling a bit more secure we continued our way across, then Jesse’s body rose out of the water, and charged towards us. Doug was first to reach the shore, I was not as lucky, being attacked several times along the way, and just as I reach the shore I collapsed, unconscious. As I heard it later, they barely managed to kill Jesse, or whatever he had become, as it was mauling my unconscious body. I’m lucky to have lived through the event.

I awoke back at camp, feeling like shit, but at least I was alive. Planes were now continually flying around, dropping what we thought was fireworks. All in the trees and in the air was a mist of blue goo, which we guessed the planes were dropping, though why we did not know.

We agreed that heading back to town was our best option, though really we might have been safer to stay where we were. This was the beginning of it all for us, I imagine the only reason we’ve made it as far as we have is because we were away from it all when it all began, I only wish I find out what happened that day before I die, oh God, I never thought I’d say something like that.

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