Waves of Mutilation

It was just a farewell party...

My name is Jason Thomas Reed. At the moment I’m a survivor of what appears to be a zombie Apocalypse. I’m writing this in case humans manage to survive this catastrophe then at least there might be some record of what has occurred. But I will start from the beginning…

I was born on April 12, 1988… ok I won’t actually start that early.

A group of us had planned a camping trip as a farewell for one of our friends. He was to be an astronaut on the next shuttle, and this was our last chance to all get together. In total there was 9 of us; Brandon Pietenpol, Matt Jacobs (the astronaut), myself, Jack Swart, Doug Barker, Matt Seto, Shannon Ferns, Jack McKool and Jesse Sheperd.

We parachuted down into a state park near the small town of Gunnison, MI. Which is near the Mississippi, and pretty much as much out in the middle of know-where as possible. We landed, we partied, we cooked some bacon, and we got attacked by some bats which was pretty weird. However it wasn’t long before things started to go strange. What appeared to be fireworks were going off in the distance, all very blue in appearance. Also planes were continually flying around in strange patterns and at very low altitudes.

I won’t spend too long detailing all the events, as it all feels like a dream from long ago and quickly fading away. But a plane crashed near us, but across the river. Despite the discomfort we felt at all the strange things happening some of us chose to cross the river and investigate. Myself, Doug, and Jesse chose to cross and we quickly found the crashed plane. It was a very strange sight to behold, barrels were strewn all around, some empty, some filled with a strange substance. We didn’t spend much time investigating the liquid, but it was an unusual color, and was thick and viscous. We also heard strange noises, so we continued searching for survivors.

Soon we found a pool of the strange goo, which appeared to be the origin of the eerie sound. As we moved closer to the pool, a figure began to rise out of it. Hoping we had found a survivor we continue trying to gain its attention and perhaps help. I’m not sure what finally set us off, but we eventually decided this was not something we wanted to meet. We began the beginning of our flight.

Running back towards the river, hoping to get back to our friends we continued to hear the thing following us, shrieking the entire time. We had a rope crossing the river and we began to start our way across. However half-way Jesse was attacked by this monster and was immediately knocked unconscious and sunk to the bottom of the river. Our friends on the coast continued to fire their weapons on the beast, eventually felling it before it could kill Doug or I.

Feeling a bit more secure we continued our way across, then Jesse’s body rose out of the water, and charged towards us. Doug was first to reach the shore, I was not as lucky, being attacked several times along the way, and just as I reach the shore I collapsed, unconscious. As I heard it later, they barely managed to kill Jesse, or whatever he had become, as it was mauling my unconscious body. I’m lucky to have lived through the event.

I awoke back at camp, feeling like shit, but at least I was alive. Planes were now continually flying around, dropping what we thought was fireworks. All in the trees and in the air was a mist of blue goo, which we guessed the planes were dropping, though why we did not know.

We agreed that heading back to town was our best option, though really we might have been safer to stay where we were. This was the beginning of it all for us, I imagine the only reason we’ve made it as far as we have is because we were away from it all when it all began, I only wish I find out what happened that day before I die, oh God, I never thought I’d say something like that.

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