Character Template Example

This is the formatted text I used for my own character, Brandon Pietenpol. If you click on edit (for this wiki page, not the character itself) and then copy the text, you can paste it in your own character Jason Reed and proceed to edit it from there.

This saves you the trouble of typing all that formatting up since there is no pre-generated character sheet for the d20 Modern system (yet!). However, I may continue to edit this template when I get the time in order to include other information-handling options (such as footnotes for feat/talent descriptions or better stat tables for items/weapons that would include damage and whatnot). Don’t feel like you need to keep your character updated with all these features, but they’ll be here if you want an example of how to execute them.

[I realize that some of the math and data is incorrect for my character, but I’ll fine-tune it later..]

Level & Class 3 (Fast 3)
Experience 4062
General Description
Occupation Creative
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 5’ 9"
Weight 190 lb
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian
Abilities Modifier Temp Score
Strength [-2] 7
Dexterity [+1] -2 15
Constitution [-3] -2 6
Intelligence [-1] 8
Wisdom [+1] 13
Charisma [+0] 10
Health & Saves
Current/Max HP 41/ 62
Defense 17
Fortitude -2
Reflex 4
Will 1
Combat Capabilities
Initiative 2
Speed 30 ft
Base Attack Bonus 2
Melee Attack 0
Ranged Attack 4
Melee Attacks
Weapon Damage Critical Type Feat Needed
Unarmed Blow 20 Bludgeoning
Knife 1d4 19-20 Piercing Simple
Metal Baton 1d6 19-20 Bludgeoning Simple
Machete 1d6 19-20 Slashing Archaic
Pistol Whip 1d4 20 Bludgeoning Simple
Ranged Weapons
Weapon Damage Critical Type Range Increment Rate of Fire Magazine Feat Needed Ammo
Knife 1d4 19-20 Piercing 10ft 1 Simple 1
Razorback M1911 2d6 20 Ballistic 30ft Semi 7 box Personal 20
Name Description
Dodge Receive a +1 Dodge bonus to Defense against any designated opponent
Mobility Receive a +4 Dodge bonus to Defense against Attacks of Opportunity when moving out of a threatened square
Personal Firearms Prof. Gain proficiency with Personal Firearms
Simple Weapons Prof. Gain proficiency with Simple Weapons
Evasion When wearing Light or no armor, deal no damage (instead of half) on any successful Reflex save
Uncanny Dodge 1 Retain Dexterity Bonus to Defense even when flat-footed or attacked from a hidden opponent
Reputation 0
Action Points 11
Wealth 3
Current Weight
Carrying Capacity 24/ 46/ 70
Knife x
Machete x
Metal Baton x
Pistol Whip x
Razorback M1911 x
Unarmed Blow x
10mm Rounds x20
Clothing & Armor
Clothing [Casual] x
Coat x
Leather Jacket x
Climbing Gear x
Duct Tape x2
First Aid Kit x
Flashlight [Standard] x
Sleeping Bag x
Walkie-Talkie [Basic] x2
Day Pack x
Range Pack xStandard
Road Atlas x
Skills Trained Only Armor Penalty Action Base Total Ranks Ability
Balance x Move DEX (+6) 4 [+1]
Bluff Special CHA (+1) 2 [+0]
Climb x Full/Move STR (-2) [-2]
Computer Use Full/Special INT [-1]
Concentration Special CON [-3]
Craft (Chemical) x Special INT [-1]
(Electronic) x Special INT [-1]
(Mechanical) x Special INT (+1) 2 [-1]
(Pharmaceutical) x Special INT [-1]
(Structural) Special INT [-1]
(Visual Art) Special INT (+1) 2 [-1]
(Writing) Special INT [-1]
Decipher Script x Special INT [-1]
Demolitions x Full/Special INT [-1]
Diplomacy Full CHA [+0]
Disable Device x Full/Special INT [-1]
Disguise Special CHA (+1) 1 [+0]
Drive Move DEX (+5) 3 [+1]
Escape Artist x Full/Special DEX [+1]
Forgery Special INT [-1]
Gamble Special WIS [+1]
Gather Information Special CHA [+0]
Handle Animal x Special CHA [+0]
Hide x Attack DEX [+1]
Intimidate Full CHA [+0]
Investigate x Full/Special INT [-1]
Jump x Attack STR [-2]
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) x React/Full INT [-1]
(Art) x React/Full INT [-1]
(Behavioral Science) x React/Full INT [-1]
(Business) x React/Full INT [-1]
(Civics) x React/Full INT [-1]
(Current Events) x React/Full INT [-1]
(Earth & Life Science) x React/Full INT [-1]
(History) x React/Full INT [-1]
(Physical Science) x React/Full INT [-1]
(Pop Culture) x React/Full INT [-1]
(Streetwise) x React/Full INT [-1]
(Tactics) x React/Full INT [-1]
(Technology) x React/Full INT [-1]
(Theology & Philosophy) x React/Full INT [-1]
Listen React/Move WIS [+1]
Move Silently x Move DEX (+3) 1 [+1]
Navigate Full/Special INT [-1]
Perform Special CHA [+0]
Pilot x Move DEX (+3) 1 [+1]
Profession Special WIS [+1]
Read/Write Language (Spanish) x INT
(Tagalog) x INT
Repair x Full/Special INT [-1]
Research Special INT [-1]
Ride Move/Special DEX [+1]
Search Full INT [-1]
Sense Motive Special WIS [+1]
Sleight of Hand x Attack DEX (+3) 1 [+1]
Speak Language (Spanish) x
(Tagalog) x
Spot React/Full WIS [+1]
Survival Special WIS (+3) 2 [+1]
Swim Move/Full STR [-2]
Treat Injury Special WIS [+1]
Tumble x x React/Move DEX (+3) 1 [+1]

Character Template Example

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