Justin's House

We were on our way to an airport on the southeast side of Gunnison when we were sidetracked by a big natural tunnel like thing. Boating in we found that it went a pretty long ways in up to a dock (it continued further, or appeared to).

Docking we found an enormous room filled with mechanic supplies and gear. Tons of gas, parts, supplies. We took some metal sheets and attached them to the boat for defense, and filled the boat with gas. There are stairs that go up, but we haven’t explored that way yet.

There were some zombies, but only two and they died fast.

We don’t really know what this place was for, or who’s it is, and if they are still here and alive. But it must be someone rich.

In addition it seems to be situated in a good spot for us to venture out to the hospital, radio station, and the airport.

Dock Area:
-Natural Tunnel continues on north, to what or anything is unknown.
-South: Natural tunnel to river, road follows along on the west? side.
-Small dock
-Road veers off and goes upwards towards mechanic’s depot.

Mechanic’s Depot:
-Road leads up into depot, or down wards to dock as well as road towards the river.
-Gas-like station, has gas, unknown current quantity.
-Mechanic’s workshop, including lift, tools, supplies, electronics, too much to list.
-Stairway going upwards, destination unknown.
-Metal plating, used some one boat, unknown how many remain.
-Two zombie corpses with arrows in their faces, one’s head has been severed.
-Two tanks, about half full each, unsure how much they hold.
-1 metal sheets left

Up the Stairs:

Justin's House

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