Military Beach Facility

  • Offers a boat launch, but no docking facilities.
  • Utilized primarily by the small military faction located nearby.
  • Also occasionally used by families & individuals seeking to sunbathe and swim.
  • Located in a sort of bay that breaks a lot of the river’s current and muffles surrounding noise.

Last Known Residents:

Justin Prichet, though thats only because he took over…
Cedar, arrived with Justin, we expect to usually find them together.
Military Jack, unwilling Leader of the facility before Justin, he was helpful, though frightened
Other guy #1, some private officer probably, don’t remember anything about him.
Other guy #2, Same as above.
That one young actor guy, traded him for explosives.
That one technician lady, traded her for more explosives.
That one older actor guy, traded him for Jason’s shiny new vest.

They seemed well enough supplied in terms of gear. Had quite a supply of guns and ammo, as well as food rations and miscellaneous equipment. Military Jack (as well called him to differentiate him from Jack McKool and Jack Swart) was wary as we first arrived, but eventually gave us freedom to roam their facility. He also indicated neither a willingness to lead, nor a desire to take action. He indicated that they were short manned and would like support, we declined to remain, tempting as the facility was, and instead offered the 2 actors and the technician, who could at least be some extra hands.

After a short while at the facility (and some trading) we noticed Justin and Cedar outside the facility, recognizing them we let them in. Justin then immediately beat the shit out of Military Jack, Cedar started shooting everywhere, including our boat. We decided to bail out on our boat, barely escaping the seemingly crazed Justin.

The facility may still be a viable trading location, though that might depend on what Justin did after we left, and whether he plans to remain at the facility.

Other interesting objects:

Military Computers: Seto spent a short time searching them, only finding records of incoming and outgoing shipments, nothing interesting. However there may be some hidden files of interest.

Several large shipment containers: Unknown payload, but perhaps valuable supplies, we weren’t able to immediately open them, but our time was limited.

If the facility is ever empty of personnel, there are a huge variety of valuable electronics, gear, and equipment to salvage.

Military Beach Facility

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