We’ve seen planes circling around the area for a while.

First noticed during our time camping (4th of July). Didn’t seem too unusual at first, however they began to fly unusually low. Then we noticed lots of blue, which we thought were fireworks.

Second encounter was with a crashed plane located at Plane Crash, it had a lot of barrels of some sort of goo, it didn’t seem to be the same as what was later dropped on us, dubbed Juice Bomb. In a puddle of this goo arose a Speed Water Zombie which chased us, almost killing Jason. And successfully murdering Jesse before we finished them off.

Third encounters was during our flight to Gunnison, MI where the planes seem to be specifically targeting us, and continuing to drop Juice Bombs on us. It seemed evil, though perhaps they thought us zombies??? Or perhaps they were zombies?!?!?!


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