Shipwreck Outside Military Facility

About 500 feet north of the Military Beach Facility is a shipwrecked cargo ship. It isn’t super large, but it’s purpose was unknown.

We did briefly visit the ship, on the nose side (I don’t know nautical terms!) there is a cargo area containing a couple different containers. The boxes seemed to contain useless tourist items. Jack S didn’t search the barrels.

The ship is cracked through the center, though what is keeping it afloat is unknown, there it is sturdy.

The rear contains a main cabin and the ship controls. The ship controls seemed purposely destroyed completely, found nothing of value. The cabin was filled with water, did not search desk, found a katana.

Were attacked by new types of zombie like things. They were not of adults, one was of a small child maybe, the other was a bunny rabbit. I think they emitted a high pitch ringing noise once they spotted us.

Shipwreck Outside Military Facility

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