The Gunnison Area

If you’d like to check out a map of Gunnison, MI, it’s at the bottom..

Sadly, I didn’t know what to name some of these links, if you hate the name, just copy what is inside of that page, then delete the page, and make something it it’s place with a name that doesn’t suck.

Places that we’re aware of:
Middle of know-where in a park.
Some random small town that Jack and Matt went past on the Jetski.

So, things we know about. I could find out more by looking at the map…

Places inside Gunnison:
Military Beach Facility
Shipwreck Outside Military Facility
Hardware Store
Radio Station and Hospital
Community Storage
Elementary School
Blackstone Training Grounds
US Post Office
An underground mechanic’s wet dream.

People that are in that area, or at least have been at some point:
Justin Prichet — Last seen at Military Facility.
Cedar — Last seen at Military Facility.
Marianne — Traveling with us.
Charmaine — Traveling with us.

Gunnison Watertower

The small town of Gunnison, Mississippi.

Where to go?

Perhaps examining The Gunnison Area may help?

Key locations

The Gunnison Area

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