Welcome to your final days..

As far as you can tell, the world has gone to shit- and fast. Death and destruction is everywhere, but what’s worse- everyone seems to just get right back up! Decrepid, shambling humans, formerly deceased, now walk the earth in search of food, flesh, and you.

You may be asking if you’ll ever see your family again, but a more pertinent question would be:

Will you even live to see tomorrow?

Jesse Shepherd Judith Peterson
Jason Reed Corey Whitestone
Jack Swart Paul Williams
Brandon Pietenpol Jack Buckley
Shannon Ferns Arnold Peterson
Jack McKool Johnathan Smith
Doug Barber Allen Lawson
Matt Seto
Matt Jacobs
Charmaine Rosales
Marianne Cuenco
Justin Pritchett
Cedar Pritchett

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Waves of Mutilation

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